What wrong things in your life do you want to be rid of forever?
the tattoos i had done five years ago
Not valuing my human body and the wonder of it's miracle when young, getting drunk inappropriately.
My narcissistic ways and my pornography addiction
there are some things have been done to me I cannot forgive. ever
I would like to get rid of the feeling of rejection I have had all my life.
I want to be rid of the despair of life long mental health problems. I live for the small moments of grace.
I wish to be forgiven for all my past sins and wickedness. I want to eat healthy and exercise and get my body back to the slim one I had many years ago. Faith.
my hatred of my self and my abuse of my body
cant get to sleep at night
Anxiety and depression
people mocking
bad memories
I want to be rid of wilfullness, sadness and anger. I believe, help Thou my unbelief.
the past
I'm scared
i wish to be free from my fear, my unfaitfulness, my forgetfulnes and my sorrow

What wrong things in your life do you want to be rid of forever?

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