What is your prayer to God after reading this?
I pray that people who lost their homes and families in the Grenfell Tower will be comforted and helped in their distress.
Lord you have done amazing things in my life - Thank you, Pat x
To find a church home where I belong
I pray for the whole country after the shock of the election. Lord bring us peace.
Pray for Davey, who urgently needs a job
After the US leaves the Paris environment deal, God save us. Pleaee.
the people of Manchester and all who were killed and injured
homosexual people, let 'em be
For J and her husband who so long to have a baby after years of trying
I pray that the world will stop being hateful to refugees and start helping them.

Thank You Lord, for life, the birds, animals, and every living thing on this earth, which is Yours for ever, we have only borrowed.

Lord Jesus, I am grateful for so many of your blessings. I pray for those who are suffering so much so that may they know You are always greater. Amen
I pray for my previous church, hoping that they have found a lighter path. They did not teach love, so when I realised I was pansexual I felt scared. Love all x
I pray that Christians will treat homosexual people with love knowing that Jesus reached out to the marginalized and the afraid. Amen
Things I don't understand and are too scary to cope with, unexplained, abnormal and confusing, like mental illness.
For Dorothy in hospital

Father, help us to focus on the bible and not on the current trend, let us understand your word.

Oh God, stop ISIS and the terrible things they are douing
Richard's young family, as they plan his funeral
I'm scared about what's going on in the world - North Korea, USA, Yemen

What is your prayer to God after reading this?

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