Privacy Policy

You are giving your personal information on this website to the Christian Enquiry Agency (CEA) (UK Registered Charity Number 1152730) and it will only be used for the purpose you have requested.  This is how we use it:

  1. Personal data and information is never passed on to any other agency without your consent.
  2. We will only contact you by email, apart from requested books being sent by post.
  3. Prayer requests are copied each week, without giving names, onto a list that is emailed to a large number of CEA supporters who pray to God about the situations.
  4. The personal information supplied to the website is held securely in the CEA office, part of the Deo-Gloria Trust.
  5. If you are requesting a response, your message is forwarded to a CEA Digital Evangelist.
    • If you are 18-years old and over, the ongoing email conversation is completely confidential.
    • If you are under 18-years old, the email conversation is copied to a CEA trustee in accordance with the CEA Safeguarding Policy.
    • If you are under 13-years old, we regret that we cannot continue an email correspondence with you.
    • The exception to the above may be in the event of a disclosure of abuse, in accordance with the CEA Safeguarding policy.
  6. The Deo Gloria Trust, which supports the computer system and administration of the CEA has satisfactory data protection policies, security and procedures in place.
  7. Any enquiry about your personal data held by the CEA should be made by email to You may ask for your data to be deleted.