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100 years since the First World War

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Justice and peace

Millions of people have kind hearts and want to help those who are poor or in distress.  But when men and women start to follow Jesus earnestly, they discover that deep within them their view of the world is changing.

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Can war ever be justified?

The example of Jesus is central to Christians’ attitude to war.  He was presented with an opportunity to lead an armed uprising, but he refused.

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Christians who renounce violence

Christians during the first three centuries after Jesus were almost exclusively pacifist.  The teachers whose writings survive repeatedly opposed the use of aggression.

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Why is the Bible so violent?

The Bible is a book in which violence is commonplace.  It describes wars in which the Jewish people brutally conquered those who lived in the land which they believed God intended as their own.

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Anthem for doomed youth

War poetry

Read a selection of war poems

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Cross and sword

Christians at war

At the outbreak of war in 1914 many young British men enlisted to fight because their Christian convictions convinced them that this was the right thing to do.  Some Christians opposed violence on pacifist grounds.

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Prayers for peace

Use these prayers to pray for peace in our time.

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Frozen lake

What Christians believe about life and death

War inevitably turns people’s thoughts to the most important questions about life and death.  Does life have any meaning or is it just a battle for survival?  Is death the end?

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Active service gospel

Free active service gospel

Get a free replica of a First World War soldier's Bible

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