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Crown of thorns

Celebrate Easter!

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Gethsemane art

Jesus in danger

Jesus told his followers several times that he expected to be killed.  But he insisted that this was not just the tragic outcome of a revolutionary life; it was God’s plan.

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The cross

Jesus' death

The final days of Jesus’ life were spent in and around the temple, where he was repeatedly critical of the religious leaders and predicted a crisis in which the temple would be destroyed.

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Empty tomb

Jesus' resurrection

Forty hours after they had witnessed Jesus being crucified, his remaining disciples were gathered, frightened and grief-stricken.  A group of agitated women burst in on them with a message that they greeted with incredulity.

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Bright sun in sky

Jesus' death and resurrection

Christians have always believed that because Jesus lived, died and rose from the dead, the relationship between God and humans has changed for all time.  God and human beings can be peacefully at one.

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Woman looking to sun

Following Jesus

To follow Jesus requires faith.  It is not possible to prove that God exists. But those who make a conscious decision to follow Jesus actively find that their lives are immeasurably improved by going through it in the company of the living God. 

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What is Lent?

During the weeks leading up to Easter Christians prepare for it by taking their spirituality particularly seriously.  This period is called Lent.

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2000 years of Easter

Very soon after the life of Jesus, his resurrection had a significant impact on the way Christians organised their lives.

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Eggs with Jesus on

Celebrating Easter

Virtually all Christians mark Easter. The ways they celebrate it vary.

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Easter eggs

Easter traditions

The association of Easter with eggs is so ancient that no one knows its origin.

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Stations of the cross

For hundreds of years, Christians who visited Jerusalem have retraced the steps Jesus took during the last 24 hours of his life.

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