Free Active Service Gospel

During the course of the First World War, the Scripture Gift Mission distributed 43 million copies of part of the Bible to serving soldiers.  The extract which was chosen was from the New Testament, telling the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  It is known as the Gospel of John.

Some scorned it, some treasured it and many were changed by it.  The battlefields were places where some lost their Christian faith and others found it.

The booklet was known as the Active Service Gospel.  It measured 3 inches by 4 inches, and contained the text of the Bible in the King James Version, along with well known hymns and words of comfort.

The Scripture Gift Mission is still very active today.  It is now know as SGM Lifewords.  To mark one hundred years since the First World War it has published a replica of the Active Service Gospel – it has the same dimensions and content, but with a modern translation which is easier to understand and beautiful new colour illustrations.

Once again this booklet is being made available free to anyone in the UK who asks for one.  To receive one complete and submit the form below. This offer is only available in the UK.  We will send you what you ask for and only what you ask for.  No one will contact you subsequently unless you request it.